Getting Rid of unwanted trainling imagwes from BWD Header Pro

I have a BWD HeaderPro ‘trailingImage’ that I just cannot get rid of. There are no trailing images in use on the page –– I can delete it manually from the server and my page still functions normally. But the next time I publish the page… It’s back.

It normally wouldn’t be a big issue but it was just some placeholder image I used along the way, and I mistakenly picked up an 850 kb file. I deleted the image and turned off use trailing image on settings everywhere but it still uploads. Worse, I have no idea which instance of HeaderPro it is that’s the problem. I have dozens on the page. Anyone have a brilli
ant shortcut for finding the culprit?

If you have already been able to find the code on your server and delete the trailing image then you should be able to see the text that the particular stack contains. It should therefore be easy to track it down in edit mode and turn off the trailing image setting.

Thanks Andrew but I haven’t actually found the code on the server. I just found the item labelled trailingImage-12863.jpg in the ‘files’ folder on the server. I don’t see the code. But I suppose that I could do that from within RapidWeaver couldn’t I? Same thing. Find the image and see the text associated with the instance of the stack. I’ll try that next.

Yes, the text on the published page will of course be the same.

If you have any problems finding it or if there is some other reason than the setting that the image is erroneously showing then just drop me an email and I’ll get it sorted for you.

Thank you for your kind Offer. I’m not having much luck finding reference to the offending image (TrailingImage.12763.jpg) but I have zero experience looking through code and am getting frustrated so am going to stop now and come at it fresh tomorrow morning.

Can I ask a (probably) naive question? Is there not some way to ‘search’ within code? It would logical :slight_smile:

If you are talking about inside web tools try:
⌘ Cmd+f

What you should be looking for is the stack that has a name in it like stacks_in_12763, that should be the stack that’s creating that image file.

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I still think the easiest way is just to identify the header at issue by the text on the published page that has the trailing image next to it. You shouldn’t need to go hunting for code to find a header stack. As previously, feel free to send me a link with a description of which image shouldn’t be there and I can sort it out for you.

I have not explained my plight properly Andrew. No trailing image appears anywhere on my published page. But the persistent trailing image continues being uploaded. I delete the file at server level. Flush the cache in my Browser (Safari). Refresh my browser –– everything looks as it should (that is: no trailing images anywhere).

However, upon republishing that page to my server, the trailing image file is getting re-uploaded to my server. Rinse and repeat. It is like the trailing image is stuck.

If it were as simple as looking for the unwanted training image, deleting it and making sure the headerPro stack settings were set to NOT have a trailing image, it would have been easy.

Here is the link:

I originally had 8 of these persistent trailing images (about 1.5 MB). I first tried checking the settings on every HeaderPro stack to ensure that no trailing images were being used. No love.

Next, I replaced each HeaderPro stack with a fresh instance. :slight_smile: Some success!.. that got rid of 7 trailing images. I must have missed the last one, which is what caused me to reach out, hoping for a more efficient solution than checking/replacing all the HeaderPro stacks once again.

``I can’t find any reference to this image in the code so it looks like it is not getting loaded on to your page.

I’m guessing that it is still being uploaded to the server as it is still present in the image well of the stack that you added it to. Turning of the setting to use the image will stop any reference to it on the page but stacks will still upload it if you didn’t remove it from the stack.

Because there is no reference to it in the code, the good news is that it is not slowing your page down or having and other ill effects. The bad news is though that there is no way to find it other than manually going through each HPro stack and turning the trailing image setting back on until you find it in a dropzone.

So in answer to your question, if you really don’t want it sitting on the server then there is no other way to find it than the tedious method that you suspected. Sorry about that.

Thanks Andrew. That it actually good news –– slowing down pageload was what I was concerned about. Thanks for your guidance here.


I don’t know if this is the same issue but I have noticed that if I had a stack on a page then later removed it entrirely RW/Stacks will still publish any assets the stack was using. Definitely images but, if I recall correctly, javascript as well. To clear it I had to create a new page and copy the contents across.

This might be something for @isaiah to elaborate …

Thanks but I’m not sure what is meant by Web Tools. Is that an app? Part of a Browser? Part of RW?

Web tools or developer tools are part of the browser.

Check. Thank You.