Pictures in my Stacks folder

How do I get rid of 100’s of thumbnail pictures of backgrounds, grids, etc from my stack folder in the Library?

If you’ve just added them and they’re no longer being used in the project anywhere, just totally shut down RapidWeaver and restart. The images should be gone on restart.

Remember to save your project before closing.

I’m including a screen shot… By shutting it down, you mean a force quit? I have done both, so many pictures and crap still there. Thanks for the help.

To be honest, I’m not sure how to put images into the stacks library. I thought they were in the Images folder in your library.

Have your images been added to a group or something?

I never added them, lol I have been using Rapidweaver for years… This started a few versions ago, really a pain in the ass. Thanks for looking. Aloha


I don’t know how those images got in there but I would expect that you can select an image and then using the stacks Gear Wheel icon, select “Show in Finder”. Then using Finder, select all images and delete and restart RW. They should then be gone. If not, call a Priest.

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Thank you!! Greatly appreciated!! Aloha from Maui!

I have the latest version of Rapidweaver. I can’t find the Stack Preferences… Take a look at my screen shot if you can. Aloha and thank you.

Hi @Waiopai

You need to open the page inspector. You’ll then see it in the bottom right corner.

Halleluja!! I did it!! Thanks!!