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Question to @isaiah or anybody who cares to answer: what is the “Global Content”? If this is a predecessor to Partials, what is its role now?

Global Content allows you to have pieces of text shared across multiple stacks. Its behavior is not identical to partials as you can share the same text across multiple different stacks that use text.

Both you and Joe are correct.

Global Content, like “User Stacks” and “Templates” were all features that predated partials but where there to solve the same problem: managing re-used and repeated content throughout your site.

I can never quite predict if a feature will become popular or will be a dud.

In some cases, like User Stacks – the user interface was a bit too obtuse – so I redesigned the UI a lot and re-named the feature Partials.

In some cases, like Templates – they required more buy-in from developers. And when that didn’t materialize they never got much use.

Global content is a bit of the opposite though. Developers like Joe used the feature more and in more broad ways than I envisioned – enough that it would have started to really hurt the performance of Stacks if left alone.

In all these cases the features still exist to support older stacks and documents, but there are no obvious ways to utilize these features in the UI. Poof, like magic, they are gone! :tophat::tada::scream_cat:

But they really aren’t gone, of course: User Stacks are just super-easy-to-use Partials. Templates are just unpinned-stacks inside Partials. And Global Content and the way partials are edited are close cousins.

So really, all of these technologies still exist – they’ve just been molded and shaped into ever more friendly and easy to use features.

<inside developer joke>Except for %repeat% – that’s deprecated.</inside developer joke>


Thank you both, guys. You confirmed what I have thought. :slight_smile:

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