Help with Partials

I am updating my site and have a set footer format that seems perfect for a partial. I have not used partials before, and every time I try to save my group of stacks as a partial it saves them ok, but only the text stack is pinned. I have a few stacks inside a

meant to add - I have a few stacks inside a Useful stack including a text stack and a Useful Grid containing images and text stacks, but even though I am selecting the Useful Stack when I create the partial and everything shows as in it, only the text stack in pinned and the Useful Grid is not. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

A screenshot would really help.

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Got a screenshot? …

Ok - here it is - thanks for the help!

and preview screenshot?

Sure - here you go. It is the Elements Collection section at the bottom of the page.

Can you screenshot this partial closed? I’m not sure what the problem is yet.

Sure - is this what you mean? It is certainly puzzling me!

Yes, thanks. So are you saying only the text is what shows up when you add the partial to another page? What happens if you change your view mode to the icon on the right?

If I add the partial to another page everything shows up fine, but if I want to edit any of the stacks that have not been pinned, the the changes are just made to that page and not the other others that are using the same overall partial.

I know from an editing perspective that’s how it is supposed to work, but I cannot figure out why only some of the stacks (the text ones) inside the Useful Stack are getting pinned and not the rest :confused:

And you’re editing the original partial? or you’re editing each partial on a page? As far as I know, if you edit the original partial, it updates all on other pages, but you have to republish all pages. If you edit a partial on a page, it will only change what is on that page. Sorry if I’m not quite understanding.

I am selecting the partial on a page and editing it and I would expect those changes to made on other pages using the partial in edit mode - I have not got to publishing as yet. The problem seems to be that some of the underlying stacks are not pinned as partials so are treated as page specific content and I cannot figure out how to get them included as partials…

Sorry, I’m not understanding. Maybe someone else can help. Again, I think if you change a partial on a page…not the original partial, it will not update all other partials on other pages. You need to change the original partial if you want changes on all pages for that partial. If you change a partial on a page, only what you change will change on that specific page, not all pages.

ok - thanks for trying. Sorry if I am not getting it.

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I have made a 4 min. screencast showing how I use partials. I hope it will answer your question, but it’s possible that it will miss the mark for you. The video is currently being converted by Vimeo but will be ready in 5 minutes or less. Here’s the link:

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Hey Matthew, thanks very much for taking the time to make the video it is much appreciated. What I am trying to do is update the footer part of the product pages of my site.

I have 42 product pages and each of them has the same Cycler Stack in the footer which unfortunately I created individually way before partials was released. As this is repetitive content it seems the perfect candidate for partials to create once and then include on each product page, so when I need to change something like the font or add a new item I can just change it once and all the pages will get updated.

What I can’t understand is that when I create my partials I thought all of the underlying stacks in my Useful Stack would be included and pinned, but only the text stacks are and not my Useful Grid or Image Stacks so when I change something in the Grid it only changes on the page I am on, not the other pages using the same partial…

Again, it seems you are not understanding that there is an original, master partial. Go back to that master you first set up. Then it will change all your other pages. If you change a partial on a page, it will only change that page.

Hi Lisa - I think you might be right. How do I get back to the original master partial to edit it? I can see it but can only seem to edit it via a page it is included in. I think I am missing something obvious…

That is fine. As long as you are editing the original (on the page you first created it), the partials on other pages will follow. But I’m not sure if you already made changes on other pages if those pages will update. I keep my partials on a page that is published, but hidden, but I don’t see why you can’t have it on a page.