How do i use Partials?

I do remember that when RW6 was released, there was a lot of info available on how to use the new PARTIALS feature, I would now like to use it, but sadly i cannot find the relevant information anywhere.

I can see that there is a Video available but i have to subscribe to view that.

Can anyone please point me in the direction of the FREE Instructions for using Partials. Thanks


Just to make sure; are you using Stacks 3?

Watch my video on the Stacks 3 update…

@BrandonCorlett yes a very good question, i do have Stacks 3 and of course RW6 i should have made that clear :sleeping:

@joeworkman Joe i certainly do have a lot of respect for you, thanks for pointing out your excellent Video, i have just watched the part relating to Partials and i have to say it was to complicated for me to follow. I am sorry Joe but It raised more questions that it did answers.

For example is it best to put a Partial in a page all on it’s own and Disable the “show in navigation” option in a similar way i do for Plus Kits @import ???

I thought i saw something by RealMac explaining Partials ! where can i find that ?


Partials are part of Stacks. You may be referring to the YourHead video on partials

The Partials intro video is here:

It introduces the basic concepts and walks through a very simple real world example. I’d recommend trying to follow along with that and then go from there.

In answer to your questions:

  • Don’t think of partials like you think of pluskit – perhaps they can be use to solve some of the same problems (repetitive content) but they work very differently.

A partial is just a group of stacks. A group of stacks that can appear in a number of pages.

@tav & @isaiah thank you for that lads, you have cracked it in one, both of you link to the same video, thanks, i should be able to understand it now LOL .

A big thank you :relaxed: