GO CMS PAGES gone blank

All pages made on my clients site using GO CMS have gone blank/ white

Anyone else got this problem or just me?

One page here

Have you tried to republish the pages? Can you check on the server to see what files are there?

Hi Jonathan

I don’t dare republish incase I compound the error. I have been on to the fantastic guys at Chillidog who think it may be a yabdab/ Catalina thing. (I havnt installed Catalina yet)
Yabdab are going to take a look. So fingers crossed.
My RW project file seems to have a new error message in preview that was not there before

I have Catalina installed on my Macs and have recently published a GoCMS site without (many) issues. I have seen an error when previewing the home page but it publishes and looks as expected on the web despite the error. Does it preview in Rapidweaver?

Yes, it previews in RW

The published version does not even show the header banner etc of the RW site page. Just all blank white.

you could maker a folder on the website and publish the entire site into that just to test it.

There isn’t any content when you look at the page source - just the code that goes in the Head tag and then not even the closing Head tag. In fact there is no Body tag at all in the page code. Take a look at the page source code in the browser inspector. I would recommend republishing all files. Or at least republish the page.

Thanks David. I just tried republishing one of the pages. No luck. Still white.
Im really worried that all my clients work will have vanished. It really wont go over well!
Im hoping I will hear back from Yabdab tomorrow.

@Figory I just clicked on the link you gave above https://www.drsarahmurphy.com/blog/blogpost.php and it seems to be working.
Did @yabdab get back to you with a fix?
Just curious as to what it was, I don’t have goCMS yet, but it’s on my wishlist.

Yes, I found the issue and fixed it for her. The go-cms-key.php ( License Key ) was not configured correctly.


@teefers YES yabdab fixed!

I can reccomend GO CMS highly. Its very straightforward and looks good. It’s easy to explain to the client how to use it.
For me a really important aspect of what stacks and plugins I use is the support. As you can see Yabdab are fast and effective.


@Figory You are very welcome :grin:

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@Figory, It looks very nice, good job with it.

Now I don’t have GO yet but I might suggest you do the backup of the data described here:

Just might give you peace of mind about losing the content.

Oh wow. Thank you I had not noticed that. I will deffinately do that back up today.
Peace of mind is priceless.

I think I have tried all the CMS for RW one way or another.
Each is good, depending on what the client requires.

I used Joe Workmans Total CMS for this gallery that a client needed. It litterally has thousands of entries that the client plugs in with no trouble. It is easily searchable into pre defined categories (see little magnifying glass) The end result was so simple I barely had to tell them what to do to enter new items. Combined with Chillidog hosting its super fast. Again the support from Joe and Robert was insanely fantastic. I’m not the sharpest too in the shed when it comes to this stuff, so their help was invaluable.

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