GO cms RapidWeaver 8

Install was great , everything at least from what I’ve tried seems to work very well except GO CMS. can log in make changes except cannot SAVE, Anyone else having any issue?

what happens when you try to save? do you get an error message? or what happens?

Nothing happens, no message other parts of the Go Cms works except “save”

I guess I’m the only one using GO CMS by Nick Cates with the new RW8 or I’m the only one having the issue of “saving” Put in a note to Nick yesterday, so waiting to hear what’s up.

I sent him an invitation to this thread yesterday, might be away from office.
Tag him. @nickcates

Wild guess… as I’m not too familiar with GoCMS but might it be some files on the server need there permissions et correctly?

Thanks, Doug and Dan, I don’t recall having to do changes on the server the first install…. Just drop the gocms key file into the resources area of RW. Nothing inside the key file has changed same email address and domain @nickcates ,

Hey Sean, we’ll gladly look into this. Sounds like a server setup issue, but can’t say for sure without more details. Could you please submit a brief ticket for Go CMS here: https://basecode.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

This way, we can get into the details of your server - and a solution, privately. Thanks!

Ok Nick, you cannot use {for now?} the “Anonymise requests to third party servers” feature in RW8 with GO CMS… I had that checked with the privacy message and only show once box. @nickcates . ~Sean

Ah, so when you disble those, and publish, are you then able to Save ok in Go?

Yes Nick, if you turn off the first privacy to third parties (referrer) Go will save, if you tickon this privacy feature Go will not save :frowning:

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:star: Gold start for you finding this Sean. We’ll see what can done!

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Yes, same here. Since RW8 came out Go CMS simply isn’t saving. Clicking SAVE does nothing and all of the work is lost.

Do you have any news about this problem with GoCMS? Is it fix?

Make sure in Privacy in RW8 - that the checkbox is unchecked for Anonymise requests to third party servers. That did the trick. Hope that there is future development with Go CMS.

@seanpmac — Thank you for your reply!!

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