Rapidweaver republish over-writing Go-CMS changes?

I set up 6 Go CMS @yabdab pages for a client and then logged in using GoCMS to add some basic formatting to get them started.

However, a few days later, I find that all the formatting has since disappeared and only the basic text as originally added is there.

Does republishing your RW project overwrite CMS changes? Surely not - but I can’t think of any other explanation.

Any thoughts welcome.

Send me a support ticket with all the details and I will take a look.

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Thanks Mike but I can’t replicate in any way so won’t take your time on it at this stage. Have made some page layout updates within RW and the client edited text stays exactly as it should! Maybe a late night error on my part - forgetting to save or something. Also possibly an error moving from development server to live although I don’t think so. I’ll keep an eye and if I can pin anything down will let you know. Thanks again

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