GO CMS upgrade to V2 lost my V1

My client has several pages of her website made with V1 Go CMS

I needed to add more pages … I clicked on the free trial V2 … there was not the usual message that asks to override V1. BUT V1 stacks have vanished.

As a result all my clients content has vanished!

I cant find anywhere to download GO stacks V1


I bought V2 but that does not help. V1 was under my clients email address.
V2 unlimited is my email address

Hope you have a backup.
At the bottom of every @yabdabpage in the footer (middle under need help) there is an order lookup. You can have an email sent that should have a URL to redownload the purchase of version one.
That should get the stack back.

Yes I seem to have fallen between the 2.
I bought V1 fron Nick Cates
I have reciept and serial number
But it is not listed in my purchased orders
Neither is it on Yabdab.

I have found the stack in old downloads folder so hopfully I can rectify!

If you are adding new pages to an existing V1 GoCMS on the same domain you don’t need the v2. There isn’t a huge difference between the versions. The main one is that you have unlimited domains with v2.

Yes I got in a muddle.
I had bought V1
Now I have bought V2!

I could have just upgraded for way less$. But I thought I had purchased V1 in my clients name.
Turns out I bought it using my own email address.

One thing I seem to have discovered is that you cant use V1 and V2 on different pages one domain !

Send me a support email directly and I will see if I can help you out of upgrade price. :wink:

Cool Thanks ! Will send now.

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