Google albums for rapid weaver?

Hi, I have an old picasa plug in that I am using with RW5 but I want to add albums and google now has done away with picasa and doing google photo albums. So I need a new plug in or stack. Is there any that you can use with the new google photo albums? Thanks!

There was a quote from Joe Workman: I try my best to stay away for Google linked things…or something like that.
They always change things and stop supporting things.
Put your stuff on your server and link to it…


Picasa had an API for integration. Google Photos ditched this API. Best is to use your own server.

Check out Gallery Stack, it has plenty of integration options (Apple photos, Adobe Behance, Total and Pulse CMS, and of course local FTP server).


Appreciate all the suggestions --but I have 15 yrs worth of picasa albums /google albums on there now. It’s going to be lots of work for me to find and reorganize everything there. So would be great if I can find something to use to integrate the link to the albums.

Google do everything they can to prevent ‘their’ content from being viewed anywhere other than their sites.
As mentioned above when it was called Picasa there was a way to integrate but since it became Photos they have removed it.

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Thanks Paul. I guess I have a project ahead! :frowning:

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