Replacement for RapidAlbum?

Hey all,

I’m in the process of reviving an old site that’s been offline for 3 years.

It had about 13 photo albums created using the RapidAlbum plug-in. However, I note this plug-in has been abandoned and is not working in versions of RW past 5.x.

What would be the closest replacement to this plug-in?

I want to be able to point to a folder (a directory on the server would be preferable but local would do as a last resort) and have it do the rest with all the photos in each. Adding photos manually is not workable as there are around 100 photos in each album. I know there is the built-in Photo Album plug-in but was hoping for something just a bit more flexible if possible. :wink:


You could try this
if your a stacks user

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Have a look at the Gallery Stack from


And one more to consider -

  • it’s available as a demo as well so you can check it out before purchase.
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