Google analytic and RW8

I went through the topic of Google Analytics with RW6 but couldn’t find the answer for RW 8.
Problem is, when I insert the Google Analytics UA number in the head section of code, the number appears on the website, above the banner (I’m using “Voyager pro” theme)
I couldn’t find a way to make it invisible and suppress the line above the banner.
Thank you for your help.
Take care.


can you post the exact code you are trying to get working, I suspect there may be a something missing for it to get published as text.

Hi Paul,

sorry for my late answer, I suddenly had to move on to other more urgent matters.

Then I had a problem with reaching the google analytics admin, tracking code, section…

until I found out it was an Adblock issue…

So now problem is solved !

Thanks again.

Take care.


PastedGraphic-1 - copie.jpg

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