Google Maps and RapidWeaver

(H. Debeuckelaer) #21

I quote Joe Workman: “My Google Maps stack generates non-interactive static maps and does not require an API key”.

For Google Maps Api, I need to fill out my credit card records at Google.
I’m a little weepy for that.

I’ve already bought Openstreetmap from Instacks. Looks good too.

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #22

And it does not require an API Key, do you have a link to that published page where it is not working? Works great for me, here is a demo in all of the new RapidWeaver 8 themes:

(TopHat) #23

Hi chaps, new to RW, I’ve been asking a number of questions so feel appropriate I can offer some advice/experience back.

Google maps got thrown out for me after their new restrictions with previous sites I’ve built (Wordpress), changed instead to Open Street Maps, which to be fair I hadn’t looked at for a long time and they have progressed great, so much that I actually prefer them, the visual style etc.

Put my first one in RW/Foundation/Stacks and it is a doddle, using a bog standard HTML stack I just copy and paste the OSM embed code from the OSM wesite, then fiddle around with the code to set the height to the number of pixels I want e.g. 400pxls and the width to 100% so it fits whatever size the stack it is in and changes with responsive movement of page browser.

(H. Debeuckelaer) #24

I removed everything from the server and republished. Now Google Maps stack is gonna be well on the pages. Thank you all for thinking of a solution.
Greetings from the Netherlands

(Tom Murray) #25

I noticed the error message on my map because of this thread.
Since I will not give google my credit card, my work around is to use a jpg of the map location and link it to a live google map.

(Jan Fuellemann) #26

Which is not allowed by the terms of Google…

(Tom Murray) #27

I don’t see that.

(Jan Fuellemann) #29

I mean to make a screenshot of any google maps view. It is of course a good idea to link a picture.

(Michael Lacy) #30

Hi Joe, your demo is erroring out.

(Joe Workman) #31

Well damn. The static map API used to be exempt from the API key requirements. Looks like no longer. However, it does seem to work when I don’t have 5 maps on the same page.

(Roberto Tremonti) #32

It’s not a matter of how many maps are visibile in the page.

As far as I know, all maps (interactive and static) require an API key.

And, by the way, make a screenshot or downloading a static map (and serve it from your web server) is not allowed by Google Maps API terms.

(Pat Reynolds) #33

I will now have to replace all maps in my websites with your stack - I’m glad you have provided a simple solution.

(Tom Murray) #34

I am not using a google map screenshot.

(Jan Fuellemann) #35

Ah sorry then.

(Dave) #36

No reason you can’t have a link that says something like “Show me a map!” and link it in using an iFrame/lightbox. As seen here (I am not using any sort of API Key).


(LJ) #37

As others have pointed out you don’t pay unless you get heavy traffic - which for some of course is unpredictable. Also, if you run lots of websites for clients it’s a pain getting them all individually set up while adding them all to a single agency account is limited unless you add a card - no thanks. I switched everything to OpenStreetMaps - hassle free.

(Dave) #38

Correct, and as you state, it’s unpredictable. I have a festival site that attracts little traffic 11 months out of the year. But, with the festival fast approaching, the site generated over $100 worth of use within two weeks - and I was still two weeks out from the big day (when traffic to the site really skyrockets). As a result, I swapped out the maps with a hand drawn one - and also offer a Google Map inside of a Lightbox. Voila - no accrued charges!

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