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I realize I’m using the dinosaur version. I’m not cheap, given the “incrementally small” change I need to make to my site, I can’t justify spending the TIME to upload the latest version (struggle with compatibility issues) , then upload the add ons (which are out of date)etc. All I want to achieve is to place my new Google API code in the html code of RW 5, so my maps will work.
Is this possible? Or should I bite the bullet and start the process of loading RW 8 - buy new add ons, etc…

You asked in another post about the rapid map plugin, I guess the version you have didn’t support the api key?
I would guess that the latest version (4) doesn’t run on RW5?

Most of the map addons all require stacks, and I don’t know if any will work with RW5.

Yes, you are correct. I failed to focus on that fact. Yes, rapid maps 3 does not have a convenient place to add the API key, thus Im trying to add it directly to the html code, because simply upgrading to version 4 of rw maps will not work with my version RW 5.
But I do have the version 2.7.2 of stacks, will any of the new map add ons work with this version of stacks? Thanks for your help.

The only one that I know about that says it works with RW5 and stacks 2.5+ is MapSnap from @yabdab
I don’t have it, (didn’t have RW5 either, started with 6) so I’m just going from the product page.

If you have stacks, can you just put the code in an html stack instead of using Rapidmaps?

I agree with you bhulen. I too use RW 5 for my small web site where I sell 10 or so items, linked to PayPal. I run it from a small digital external HD with OS El Capitan installed, as it doesn’t play well with High Sierra. A very major difficulty is that the old PayLoom store plugin won’t work with RW 7 or 8. And there are no Payloom updates.
I am trying to set up Cart 2, but the interface is not at all intuitive and of course there are no useful instructions.
What is nice about RW 5 and the old PayLoom was that one did not need to know CSS.
If any one knows how to set up a very simple store that works with RW 8 and a flexible store plugin that links to a basic PayPal account (not to a PayPal Commerce account), I would appreciate the help.
At 74 I am not inclines to learn CSS.

Thank you sir. I will take a look and give it a go, but another RW user mentioned I could add api key to stacks… now I have 2 possible options. But… do I have a map I’m stacks? Can I put rapidmaps3 in a stacks page? Sorry for my inexperience, but I learn by eliminating all the wrong ways first!

Thanks I will attempt this. I assume early stack versions have a place for the api key without having to add it to the html ( which I’ve failed to open or find). If so, where In early stacks can I find the placeholder for the api key? Thanks for the heads up- I’ll dig for it, if you say it’s there.

I haven’t done this recently with the new api requirements but my thoughts were that the api is part of the embed code that you get. It isn’t a setting in stacks. If you look on this page, all the embed codes have a spot where your API key goes.

Cas: Best of luck in your endeavors. It sounds like you are in the same dilemma. It’s difficult to be a successful business person and a programmer. However I think the "new economy’ demands it! I think you are on the right track! Keep up the good work.

jabostick: Therein lies the problem, on my antiquated version of RW there isn’t a spot for a API key. Perhaps I’m completely whiffing the ball here!

The API key is part of the code you get from Google, that you then past into an html stack on your page.
So, if you took the sample page from the link in my post above

and put that into an html stack (this is a RW 7 screen shot but it should work similarly in RW5 as I’m not changing any settings)

Again, I haven’t had to use this method since the API changes, but that is what I’d try before upgrading a bunch of software*

*Disclaimer: RW8 is a worthy upgrade, but if you only are trying to get the map to work, it’s worth trying that html method


CAs, if you only have 10 items, you can set up ecwid as a cart system for free.
It’s easy to integrate and easy to manage, worth a few mins. to check it out.

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