Google PageSpeed > Accessability fail - white text on white BG !?

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PageSpeed fail : it seems to think all my sidebar text (and banner text) is white on white

Anybody come across anything similar / workarounds ?

I’m suspecting this is a bug as another site reports the very same accessibility problem in PageSpeed

HI, here you can check the contrast.

Your first issue:
Peter Yates Snowdonia, c.1943
Foreground #7D7D7D (Text color)
Background #FFFFFF

Make the text darker and try again.

OK, I agree Torsten

However, the main problem I have is that Google ‘accessibility’ in PageSpeed believes that all my sidebar text is white … and that it sits on a white background.

It thinks my text is invisible

Likewise it thinks my title and description text is illegible on top of the banner

… in real life - both are ok


I think Google can read it.

Aha - I am running Safari … seems Safari doesn’t show the text but Chrome does. Good find Torsten

So the issue comes back to contrast

They want a LOT of contrast to pass this test, it would seem

and the smaller the text - the more contrast they want

Thanks Torsten - nailed accessibility, now back to performance :thinking:

Yet you run Pagespeed again and get 2 points less on performance … changing nothing

Very frustrating

I also get 1-5 points difference each time running Pagespeed.

Interesting - perhaps down to server performance or bandwidth somewhere out of our control!!

Hey thanks for all your kind help today Torsten.


You are welcome
Happy Eastern