'Text to small to read'... but I'm using Foundation defaults

I’ve used Joe Workman’s Foundation to build a site. I’m getting ye olde ‘Text is too small to read’ error from Google for the website.

Now, the first time I put this page up, I had tweaked font sizes, and made some smaller. But to try to get rid of this error, I reverted all sizes to the defaults. I’m still getting the error after resubmission and new feedback.

(I’m also getting ‘Clickable elements too close together’ - and I’ve padded them out to more than Foundation’s default).

Any ideas / solutions / observations? Here’s the whole site. It’s only one page:


is it the linked page “leadlight gamma” that google is complaining about. That to me looks like text was too small. The Nav menu in leadlight disappears on my iPhone xr.

Primary page is fine, it’s huge.

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Thank you. How did you work that out specifically? I mean I know the text on Leadlight Gamma is too small – it’s next site on my redo list – but Google Analytics reports the complaint line for heiresssoftware.com. Clicking details doesn’t give me any more detail but that initial URL. I didn’t think Analytics would report an error for page A just because page A linked to a page B, where the problem actually was?


The only reason I can think that google would say the text is too small; is the link to leadlight is just a subdomain of your main site so perhaps Google treats this as part of the main site when performing checks.

Interesting! Ok thanks. I’ll see how it all goes once I’ve overhauled the subdomain. I also just tested the site with Google Chrome’s Lighthouse tool, in mobile mode, and it gave it 97/100 for accessibility. So yeah, I don’t think the problem can be on the heiress page itself.


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