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I have created a RW website for a clkient to replace their old out dated one.

I notice that now when I google their company name just one result comes up. My home page. All good. But it makes me wonder because on the old site many results to the same site came up, ie xxx Insurance / xxx Transport / xxx Contact.

If I wanted to make it so that all these different results came up when Googled what should I do? In other words what did the person who made the last site do to create this result?

And generally speaking which is the most desirable ? Taking into account the searcher already knows of the company so are typing in the company name. So its not a random search for a service.

I may have answered my own question as the company in question has many good newspaper articles etc ranking below their own site. So it allows these to be seen immediately if the site only has one liisting on Google. But I’d like to know how to control the result.

Like This?

You can’t control it, but you can help your chances by having good page and nav structure, proper title and description tags that relate to the page etc.


:+1: what @swilliam said and also maybe consider htaccess redirects from the old site pages to the new site pages.

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What I think you are referring to are called “sitelinks” and are meant to help users navigate your site. You want them if you can get them, as the more space you get on a SERP the less space competitors will have.


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