Google results title Sections

Hi Guys, hoping some one can help with displaying 4 or more page titles on our google results like Apple’s own google search results for example. We’re using the Foundation Theme, RW7. Our current google results page can be seen here Google. We’re hoping for a results page like this Google

Unfortunately, you have no control over how Google displays the results.

@dan and @ben Talked about this quite a lot in the latest RapidWeaver podcast.

The part about this starts at around 27:30 into the podcast.

@Jon Out of interest how did you get 2 extra results? You seems to be doing all the good normal stuff. Wondering if you have back links to your extra 2 pages that show up? Just thinking out loud really.

I had a poke about in your code and you have 2 descriptions in the about page. I was curious to know if that would penalise you but doesn’t seem to.

On a different note you have an error caused by a Google font defined in a non existent weight , i.e SansPro in 500 weight doesn’t exist.

These extra results are called SERP Sitelinks. They are awarded by the search engine to help users navigate your site based on the search phrase entered. It can be different or not show up for each search phrase people find you under.

So if I search with google for:
UX/UI Design game brighton uk
I can find your listing put without SERP(site engine result page) sitelinks:

The sitelinks are driven both by content and structure on your site.

You can also checkout what google says about site links in mebmaster tools:


If you follow Google’s suggestions it will help. I was able to make it happen for this site.