Google Search Description Wrong

Hey guys, I just finished a new site in RW and Google indexed it. Problem is that the description in search is not picking up my meta description. Anyone got any ideas on how I can fix the Google description of the site in searches? The site is thanks in advance!

Might have a look at MOZ on Descriptions:

Heads up: Search engines won’t always use your meta description

In some cases, search engines may overrule the meta description a webmaster has specified in the HTML of a page. Precisely when this will happen is unpredictable, but it often occurs when Google doesn’t think the existing meta description adequately answers a user’s query and identifies a snippet from the target page that better matches a searcher’s query.

Right now the description meta tag on that page is:
College Life Blog
That’s kinda vague and short.

You didn’t say what you searched for, or what Google returned.

But Search engines will at their discretion use the meta description, or build something else, based on what the user is searching for and how the content matches.

The meta tag description the website provides is just a suggestion.


Thanks for looking at it. I will work on a better description soon.

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