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Guys, I need help. I really don’t understand what causes this and why this happening. When I check page settings, names, etc. everything looks correct on Rapidweaver but when I make a search in google, the search result shows the person’s name instead of the page name. When I click to person name it open to the correct page (ekibimiz) and can see the page name on the search bar. But I don’t understand why google takes this person’s name as a page title? As you can see the picture other page name shows correctly. I am really lost. Please give me an advice about this problem and what should I do where can I look and fix this problem.

It seems that you have the names of the individuals listed in the description portion of the meta tags tab within Rapidweaver. I suspect that is why google is seeing that as your page description. Not sure why it’s pulling his name specifically, versus one of the the others listed in the description but I suspect that’s the issue. The meta tag descriptor area would would be better suited for general text that describes the page. Hope that helps.

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Thanks @danhmill but my other page (Erken Eğitim, Ebeveyn Eğitimi | Özel Çocuk Danışmanlık Merkezi) also has names under the description section but it didn’t get the name from this page and used the page name instead. Here is the source from my hakkimizda page; As you can see there are two names in there; I reallt dont get it why specially happening on this page? Maybe I must create this page from the scratch.

BTW this my source files. I am using @Elixir Foundry v1. Maybe someone looks at it and tells me what’s wrong. Thank you again.

You do realize that Google or any Search Engines will decide what Description and Title they show on the SERP(Search Engine Results Page). These results often vary depending on the search phrase being entered.

The meta tag description and title are suggestions but if the Search Engines feel that these suggestions don’t apply for what the user was searching for they build there own.

In the example above it looks as though(I don’t speak the language) you typed in the name of the person? If so Google determined that the meta tags didn’t match what you(the search engine user)were looking for.

Google, in particular, is using the metadata less and less for SERP’s.

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BTW I forgot to mention this; even I search different name from this page. For example Metin Karakol. My title still shows as a Burak ÇEBİ; Page links shows correct (ekibimiz) but title wrong again.

On the free (generic or organic) part of the SERP page, you are at the discretion of the search engine, in this case, Google. So it may not be what you want but technically from Google’s view, it’s not wrong.

All you can do is provide the suggestions you would like to be used. MOZ has some good guidelines on Title and Description but even if you follow them it’s up to the search engine.

Why won’t Google use my title tag?

Sometimes, Google may display a title that doesn’t match your title tag. This can be frustrating, but there’s no easy way to force them to use the title you’ve defined. When this happens, there are four likely explanations…

  1. Your title is keyword-stuffed
  2. Your title doesn’t match the query
  3. You have an alternate title
  4. You have an old DMOZ listing

Of course, Google will tell you that if you want “control”, you can always pay for an ad.

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Agree fully with Doug (@teefers). In my experience it’s an art and often a struggle to have a sites links display as one wishes. I think if one does pay attention to content, page/site structure, and meta tags (to a degree) they can have some success. But in the end, as Doug points out, google algorithms will decide.

I still think that readdressing your meta tag page descriptions, along with page/site content (for instance does this gentleman’s name appear a lot compared to others? And in prominent page positions etc). If it were me I would attempt the meta descriptions, then submit the site to google for a re-scrub, wait a couple of weeks and see what you get. If the issue still persists and is important enough I would play around with content and placement of content on the page.

One last thing to consider is hiding this particular page (perhaps along with others) from the bots in full. Thus making your home page the only indexes page. In this scenario one would want to ensure that relevant search terms from the non-indexed pages were reproduced in good Form on the indexed pages.

A long way of saying it’s an art and there are no guarantees. :slightly_smiling_face: best of luck.

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All of the above said…the more I look at your site it does seem odd that the one individual would show and not others. I looked and his name only appears twice throughout the site and he doesn’t seem to hold some special place throughout the site that others don’t. Perhaps this person generates a lot of searches? Thus raising his importance in the eyes of google. So your confusion is well founded as it does seem odd. However, I would still take a crack at revised meta description, re-upload all files, then submit to google for a re-scrub (just google how to do so it’s relatively easy…and simply can speed up the process from what I understand). Again best of luck.

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Also keep in mind that Google will base everything on what it has cached and not what’s on the page now.

If you’ve changed stuff lately or change stuff now, it won’t affect what gets displayed.

Click the little down carrot next to the URL on the SERP and there’s an option to see what’s in cache instead of viewing the current page content.

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