Google search finding rw_common files

How to stop rw_common files and folders showing in search results?

I thought putting Options -Indexes in htaccess did this but it doesn’t

The easy way is probably robots.txt

You could also create an htaccess rule for any file under rw_common to send the robots nofollow HTTP header along with the request.

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Cheers Joe - not to clever with robots.txt - something like this in the root?

User-agent: *
Disallow: /rw_common/

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That should do the trick!


I think you can remove pages that were indexed via the search console as well.

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Actually - Ive been a bit dumb here! I added Options -Indexes to my htaccess file in cPanel>File manager…and forgot to save it!

So to be clear. Options -Indexes in htaccess WILL prevent people seeing rw_common files (with a 403 access forbidden page). However, it is well worth having the robots.txt file to stop them from showing in SERPS to start with.

100 times: I must remember to press the ‘save’ button. :roll_eyes: