Maintaining .htaccess file within RW project


Has anyone come across a mechanism to maintain “non-RapidWeaver” files within a RapidWeaver project? I’m specifically thinking at this stage of a .htaccess file, but it could in theory apply to others such as robots.txt

I’ve tried using the standard “HTML Code” page, but it always seems to want to add a .html extension. Thought I tried to remove the extension from within Settings -> Advanced, but had no joy.

Seems to me to be something that would be nice to be able to do, thus keeping everything within the single project file, that would then get published along with everything else …

Any t thoughts would be appreciated

Many thanks

I would also like to know how to accomplish that. Right now, I have to delete the robots.txt file generated by RW and upload a replacement, created outside of RW. It would make much more sense, if we could somehow store this custom page within the project and use it to override the generic robots.txt file that RW adds on its own. The better alternative to that would be the ability to create, customize and edit that file within RW.

I use my word processor Nisus Write Pro to create and edit my htaccess text file which has no extension (and no period in front). Then I publish to my website root (using Transmit), rename the old one as a backup and then add the period in front for the new one. Then test it still works.

This works very well, I update htaccess every couple of days with new custom links and it’s now up to 29k.

Thanks for the replies.

Creating a file sure as robots.txt or custom.css works fine within RW when created as a standard “HTML Code” page and setting the appropriate filename (and extension) within the Inspector.

My desire at this moment is to be able to do the same for a .htaccess file, but using the same approach doesn’t work, presumably as RW doesn’t seem to like what appears as a zero-length filename with an extension of .htaccess.

Will continue to investigate and report back with any findings

Regards, Brian

Convoy allows you to up- and download actual RW project files from within RW; and so to modify them.

If (I don’t have Convoy) it also lets you navigate outside the docroot, presumably you could get it to do the same with .htaccess; the leading full stop/period might be something that had to be accomplished with an ‘Invisible files’ (etc ?) setting.