Google Tag Manager and RW 6

Hello- Anyone have any experience using google tag manager in RW 6. If I put the tag manager code into the google analytics section within RW6, I believe its placing the code in the wrong place.

Any experience with this? If so, tips?


Not sure what you men by “google tag manger.” Are you referring to Meta Tags?

Good Morning (my time)- Here’s some information on google tag manager:

Here’s the intro video:

It’s been around for awhile, but is just finally becoming more adopted and popular

Thx! Anyone worked with this within RW?

I should have googled it. My apologies. Looks interesting and I’ll check it out, thanks for the education.

Used GTM with a RW6 site (Archetypon’s Parallaxis theme); old site no longer live, but GTM had worked just fine on it - don’t recall if it was placed in analytics (site-wide) or on a single page tho’. Do recall running into Issues (easily identified/fixed) around external scripts that were relying on the tags, and not around the implementation of GT in RW.

Note, the actual activation of the the tag/s in Google needs to be ‘published’ (not just ‘saved’) at the end of the tag setup process at Google; without that, the code in the site (nor external script if applicable) won’t do anything; this may be s’thing to verify as a first step toward troubleshooting. In-site placement is unlikely to be the primary issue in ‘tags not working’ (somewhat dependent on the script/s that leverage the specific tag/s as applicable).

May be best to look at the script invoking/leveraging the tag/s (does it work on a different site with GTM?) and/or whether the tags are actually live at Google’s end (Google webmaster log in).

Hope that helps - apologies if preaching to the choir.


@1611mac - no problem… I’ve done that countless times.

@gjug - Thanks for the insights. It definitely needs to be published on each page, so I’d probably use the analytics box. I’m not entirely sure of the full value yet and am still digging into the pros and cons. Not sure how I feel about google handling all my analytics data, but we’ll see.