Google tag manager implementation

I’ve searched the forum, and from what I can see, the best way to implement Google tag manager code is to put the main code where we used to put the analytics code and the second snippet in an HTML stack on each page.

Is that right or is there a quicker/better way to do this?

Anyone? Surely this is quite a big deal?

I have the main GTM <script> in the Code - Head section in RW.

I then have an HTML stack as the first stack in a partial that is at the top of all of my pages. That partial holds site settings, as well as the other GTM (<noscript>) code.

It’s been working fine for years setup like this.


Thanks for that. I’m just surprised RW hasn’t addressed this directly.

No, but you do get Unsplash integration.


Or a potential Solicitor’s letter according to some :wink:

Joe workman has a live feed about RW and google tag manager via YouTube today:

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Just got that very email! Thanks :slight_smile:

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