Google Translate future of

My client has been told that Google Translate ius being discontinued.

I can find no reference to this ! Is there a way I can find this out? I think they may have been mis informed. But need to know Im right when I tell them this!


I don’t know if it will be discontinued but I kinda doubt it…

Here is a slightly better (IMHO) online translator, if you wish to try it:

I can’t see anything out there to suggest that this is right. Google tried to retire the API some years ago but gave in to pressure from developers to continue providing it. They might try that again but I doubt it and, more importantly, I can’t see them removing the service itself.

I use an app called swipe translate. It works great… for paragraph size jobs. It was either free or very low cost in the app store. I use it in several different languages to communicate with people and trolls the world over. It probably uses google.

If I have to write an important letter, I reverse the translation back and forth several times to make sure I am choosing english words that convey best what I need to say.

Cheers M

я использую приложение под названием проведите перевести. он отлично работает, для пункт размер заданий. это было либо бесплатно, либо очень низкой стоимости в магазине приложений. я использую его в нескольких различных языках, чтобы общаться с людьми и троллями в мире.

I have Translate and it is is actually a front-end for Google Translate. Works very well.

I think this link shows that Google Translate isn’t going to disappear any time soon:

Did they or could they give you the source for this rumor?

I haven’t seen or found anything like that, so many rumors out there about everything. I wouldn’t spend much time on things like this without knowing the source.

Thanks! Yes the info was from their previous website designer … who they fired !

Thanks this looks great