Google translate code not working in stacks

Im trying to get google translate code working in stacks using the html stack but its not showing up-Ive also tried in blocks and an earlier version of RW but nothing-can anyone help please?
heres the code

I don’t see any code. …

… but I use Joe Workman’s free Translate stack. Works fine. More here:

HI Mathew The code didn’t load fro some reason. Meanwhile Ive had a tryout of Joe Workman’s free Translate stack and it perfect! Many thanks!

I believe the Google code needs to be divided up and placed in 2 different places. Part in the inspector area (HTML or Prefix) and another in the regular page. So that may have been the problem. At any rate, with Joe’s stack I don’t need to worry about those issues! Glad you got things going.

Yes I was wondering about the google code but there instruction are very simple and says nothing splitting the side up. Still Joe’s stack does the job fine for me many thanks :slight_smile:

at the end if you have : script type=“text/javascript” src="//"></script
try to add ‘http:’ or ‘https:’ before // and republish.
It worked for me.

Yes that did the trick many thanks! So I wonder why that got left out of the code? theres no mention to put it in. Many thanks for the your input

Fantastic! Thanks for the great tip! Worked like a charm!!!