Problem with Stacks on Safari

Hi. :slight_smile:

The site is
We are having an issue with the “Recently translated” and “Our clients include” section (at the bottom of the home page). On Chrome and Firefox the sections are shown properly, but on Safari they appear one over another instead of two columns.

Do you have any idea why?


They look the same for me on Safari and Chrome. You probably need to empty the cache on Safari.

Looks the same to me as well. Safari, Chrome, and Firefox

Thank you very much for your kind reply, Neil and Doug.

I’ve just cleared the cache on Safari, Chrome and Firefox.
Somehow we’re still experiencing problems with those sections.

The site is supposed to look like this:
But instead it looks like this on my browsers:


You took down your URL
It’s going to be difficult to help without that.

Sorry, Doug.

I’ve been trying to fix my problem. I’ve just installed the new Stacks 3, but it didn’t help.
Now the site is online again.


It looks like you got it working.


Yes, after 12 hours it seems it’s working :laughing:
I’ll get back to you in case I need further help, but thank you for now! :slight_smile:


Ok, our site is a multilingual website.
Every time I upload a new language online, the previous versions stop working properly.

If I upload the Japanese version of the site, I can visualize it how we want it (the way we have designed it), but the previously uploaded languages (let’s say English and Spanish) stop working properly.

I’m done for today (too tired). You can check the difference between the Japanese home page ( and the English home page ( .

Do you have any idea what is happening?


Just a guess but if they are different projects, and you are publishing to the same url, you are probably overwriting something in the rwcommon folder/ resources or sitewide CSS if it’s a css issue

Looks like more got changed than the language. The earlier version (English) I did the screenshots of above, had a stacks standard two column stack with the titles. That was followed by another column stack with the images.

The new version is missing these top level column stacks.

You should consider changing these stacks to something that would be responsive, while you’re fixing it.

Something like this

Thank you, Scott.

Yes, I guess that’s the problem. We’re definitely overwriting something.
Is there a way to fix it, using the same URL?


Thanks, Doug.

Yes, we changed the stacks at the bottom. It use two be two columns:

  • the first column contained three rows with five columns (the app icons).
  • the second column contained four rows with one column (the clients logo).

I decided to make it simpler by using the stacks separately, one over another, this way:

  • three rows with 5 columns for the apps.
  • four columns for the clients logo.

But it’s not helping. Everytime we add a new language, it gets messed up, so I guess it’s a CSS problem and we’re overwriting something.

I’ll have a look at adaptivegrid and see if it helps.


That’s pretty hard to answer without knowing what you are doing and what is getting “messed up”.

Are you adding sitewide CSS or other code in any/all of the projects? Are you overwriting the home page with each project? Without more info pretty hard to say.

It seems I managed to fix the issues by simply using adaptivegrid.
At the same time, the project containing the Spanish language was somehow corrupted. Everytime I upload the Spanish version of the site, it created some problems with the CSS.

I’m sorry for the sloppy explanation. It’s the first time for me using this software. I’m not expert at all.


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