Graphic Designer Needed

I’m looking for a graphic designer that we can hire for a couple of projects. Both projects are very similar in scope. My client wants to create an image similar to this one for the Gusset Bag and Pillow Bag. Any referrals to a competent graphic designer would be appreciated.

Maybe check


Yes, PM.

My two cents. I have had poor results with fivvr (just my experience, your mileage May vary :slightly_smiling_face:). Imho Upwork has much better talent available.

Can you please share you requirements? I would like to know what kind of services you needed.

I highly recommend my graphics designer
Very talented gentlemen.



Thanks @theprintingblue. This post is from December 2018, we have since hired an in-house Graphic Designer.

Thanks @dropgates. I wish you best of Luck.

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