Looking to Expand My Network

I’m wanting to expand my network and I’m looking for some people that can do some SEO, Graphic Designing and Content Writing. I have a handful of people that I have used over the past few years, but I spend most of my time in the RW community and want to support people here.

A lot of this work, I have performed myself, but we are getting busier and our clients are getting larger. We have been asked to put together an SEO strategy for one of our national clients that is in a niche market. Another national client of ours is starting to ask us about SEO. He is also in a very small competitive market.

I don’t have a lot of SEO work at the moment, as most of my time is spent talking about web design and that’s where we get most of our work from. Graphic design seems to come in waves; and we’ve handled maybe 10 projects this year and nothing on the horizon.

If anyone is interested, please DM me.

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