Hair and beauty themes

Hello all,

Is there any decent hair and beauty themes out there? Or any themes that are a good starting point? I have looked online and so far cant find any, I am open to suggestions…


RW themes don’t really work that way.

If I were building a site for that sector, I’d probably start with

You may also find that some people have built themes using Foundation and Foundry that lend themselves towards health and beauty.

I’ve built two health and beauty sites. One using Themeflood’s Flood theme and the other using Weaverthemes Stuffy theme.


If you use Foundry or Foundation this is worth a look:

I’ve used it for one of my templates and it’s been really popular.


I forgot this one - built with Michael David’s Paramount theme. I think hi stuff is really good and wish he was more active. No new themes for a while, methinks.


Thanks guys this has given me food for thought

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