Recommendations for a theme?

Hello kind persons:

You have all given me excellent recommendations for themes. Thank you! Now I have another request:

I have been searching high and low for a theme that looks like the attached picture. I have looked at every sample site I could find and over 100 themes. Perhaps someone could give me some recommendations:

Logo and Horizontal navigation in a top band. I could also live with a theme that put the logo and navigation on the top of the header image.

Capacity to put my own image in the header
Ideally, a clickable text in the header

I am currently using RW 6 - mostly because if I upgrade my OS to 10.11, I lose the use of other applications I need. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thank you so much!!

Could easily be made with Foundation, UIKit, Foundry or any of the other blank themes out there.

Thumbs up on blank theme idea. I started with Themeflood’s blank theme (there are others too) and added a navigation stack. Themeflood’s blank theme has support for Font Awesome, ExtraContent and more.

Take a look at:

Thank you! I will definitely take a look. Wonder why I missed these ….

Hi - I did look at foundation and it seemed to have a daunting learning curve? At least for the luddites among us. Thanks for the recommendation, I will take another look.

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