Request for Free Themes and Demos

Request for Free Themes and Demos

Hey all anyone know of any themes that are free or have a free downloadable demo? among others



There are some website which can give you free website theme which can be used for a variety of uses.
For example,

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I though he was asking about RW themes


:slight_smile: I was asking for RW but am open to any free themes.

In the past month or so I have been integrating themes that are not built specifically for RW by putting the CSS, JS and other files in the resources.


Would you please elaborate a bit more on how to do it?


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I would love to!

I’ll write up a nice post about it and the reason it came up and a necessity and how I integrated Easy CMS I to it.

It’ll have to wait a bit as I need to first accomplish some of the things on the “honey, will you do this” list. :upside_down_face:

@BrandonCorlett which is code for never writing the post because the honey do list is always growing hahahah


Lol @Turtle, too true!

:slightly_smiling: I should be able to type something up today and hopefully have a screen cast by the end of the weekend if anyone thinks they would find value in it.

I already referenced the project on G+ when it first fell into my lap so I already have a nice pre write/1st draft.

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I started a new thread for the topic of using non RW themes

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