Handle semi-secure pages with a barcode query string logic

Here is the general problem i’m trying to solve.

I will print a unique QR barcode on a sticker. The QR code will have an embedded page URL and a customer number in the URL String.
I want customers to be able to scan the barcode to access the page, but people
who are not customers or who do not have a valid customer number to not be able
to access the page. So if they have the complete string, they can access, but if the url is missing
the query part of the string, or if they are getting to the page through a google search then they
will not have access to the the page. Kinda of a semi-secure page.

I do not need absolute security. If someone gets ahold of a valid customer number or complete
string or barcode then so be it. Just trying to keep most people out, not all people out.

  1. Some QR Bar code stickers will be printed with embedded web page URL address.

  2. The address would have a query portion with a unique customer number or a 10 digit key.

  3. So something like, “www.marketingpage.com/product01?customer=123456”

  4. User would scan the QR with his phone, and would be directed to a web page.

  5. I would need to check the customer number to see if it is valid customer?
    How? text file? DB? Hard code, SQLite?

  6. If it is valid then proceed to the “/product01” page.

  7. Anyone who scans this bar code, customer or not, would be able to access the page, and I’m OK with that.

  8. If someone tries to access the page “www.marketingpage.com/product01” without
    the customer id string in the URL then the page would not display. Like from a google search.

  9. Scale - We have about 1000 customers, accessing 300 pages.

So, what stacks could I use to do this?

Weavers Space - Agent?
Stacks4Stacks - QueryDisplay?
other suggestions?

Thank You.

Are you going to generate 1000 QR code’s each with a specific key/customer id?
Are these id’s already stored in a database?

Product01 ? Customer = 123
Product10 ? Customer = 456

The customer numbers / and strings are in Filemaker, but I can create any DB structure needed or pour it into a google sheet.

The QR’s are generated out of Filemaker appending the URLs to the Customer numnber. That complete string is connected to Indesign and a QR bar code generator in Indesign.
Final PDF output sent to Digital Press for printing.

If you can control the query string, you could do that with sitelok (https://vibralogix.com) @joeworkman also sells a set of sitelok stacks to make implementation easier(sitelok is still required)

My Agent stack set has a stack called Agent URL. That allows you to parse and customize content based on URL parameters. It’s a super useful stack.

Hi Joe,
So do you think I can use Agent to get this working?
What other pieces or functionality would I need to pull this off?
Agent can communicate with a DB to check if they are a valid customer?

Thank You

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