New QR Coder stack

QR Codes are a very popular method of transmitting data to users on the go. This stack allows you to easily link to a URL, phone number, email and contact vcard. All QR codes are generated dynamically as SVGs in order to ensure high definition.

QR coder even allows you to easily change the data before the QR code from within Total CMS. Check it out…


I just shipped v1.1 that has a bunch of new data types:

  • Calendar events
  • GPS Locations
  • SMS messages
  • Email Body
  • Join Wifi network
  • Contact vCard and Calendar events can be downlaoded with a click

Hi Joe, which service do you use to translate the QR code to e.g a URL?

It’s not a service. I do it all on the server via PHP.


Perfect thanks

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