A Page Safe question?

(tim parsons) #1

Hi all, i purchased JW’s Page Safe stack before Stacks 3 and Partials was available.

I have a Project to create that needs the Page Safe stack on every page, with the same password on every page.

So i am interested in finding out the best way to do this.

Do i make a Partial with the Page Safe stack and have it on every page.


Do i have the Page Safe stack only on the Home Page, with the Page Safe Template on ALL the other pages.

Which method is most economical on Page Byte Size ?


(Brad Halstead) #2

@timmytoad, not sure, have not created a project that is secure for all pages.

Give er a go with 2 test projects and let us know :wink:


(Brad Halstead) #3

@timmytoad, I would add that personally, if I were to visit that site and have to enter my password every page I wouldn’t be on that site for long regardless of saved overhead or not lol, so I suggest the template method for sure.


(tim parsons) #4

@Turtle gee Brad, you get about LOL.

Yep i shall just have to give it a go, good idea. It wont happen yet though, the project i have in mind is still being created in my Grey Matter, i have to get ALL the content all together all in the same place first.

That WAS interesting though, about the mention of a PDF file not being protected by Page Safe, it sounds as if the Link to the PDF file was outside the HTML page that Page Safe was on !.


(tim parsons) #5

@Turtle thanks Brad, yes the Page Safe Template is definitely the way to go , well done.

The site will be by invitation ONLY, that is the plan anyway :slightly_smiling:


(Brad Halstead) #6

Cool @timmytoad, try to remember you can use a set of characters (passphrase) or 4 digits or 6 digits :slightly_smiling:

Also, does not allow for more then one passcode… you would need something else for additional users/passcode management. And, before you ask, my only recommendation would be a database solution not a CMS solution.


(tim parsons) #7

@Turtle thanks Brad, i will bear that in mind, but in this instance, there will be only one other visitor :slightly_smiling:


(Brandon Scott Corlett) #8

I have used Page Safe on dozens of sites and it is ridiculously flexible.

I have some sites with only one protected page and other with 50+ protected pages.

On some of the sites I have 3 different Page Safe configurations for 3 different users. Multi user page safe + Stack Safe allows for some pretty complex and dynamic web applications.

My recommendation and standard of practice is to use Partials for this. There is no reason why you would use a template stack instead of the partials feature. The template version is only still accessible because it prevents users from being required to convert all of the previously used templates into partials.

Also, Page Safe only requires you to enter the password once across all pages. It even has an option to set how much time you would like to allow before requiring the password to be entered again.

(tim parsons) #9

Hi @BrandonCorlett thanks for giving me your pennyworth in answer to my question, it reminds of summat that my old Dad used to say, there is always more than one way of doing anything !!.

Thanks to both @BrandonCorlett and @Turtle I am continually finding out what i can do with RW, many thanks to both of you.


(Brandon Scott Corlett) #10

:grinning: that is a great Dad quote!

(Brad Halstead) #11

@BrandonCorlett, I can see you asking for Dad quotes now on the RapidWeaver Show/ Beaver & Bison show lmao


(Brandon Scott Corlett) #12

lol I already submitted my question for the “Outside the Box” segment of the show. Perhaps I will after this next episode.

(tim parsons) #13

@BrandonCorlett @Turtle Hi All, i cannot admit to listening to ALL the podcasts, not yet anyway, so i must have missed the explanation of the “Beaver & Bison” show, can someone please explain ? otherwise, in which podcast episode was the explanation divulged, thanks.


(Brad Halstead) #14

@timmytoad, it’s just a tongue in cheek thing… I think it was around episode 10 maybe… my ram is bad so am likely wrong.


(Brandon Scott Corlett) #15

Episode 13 at the 39 minute mark

(tim parsons) #16

Wow thanks yet again both of you young lads, you are a great help to an old un :blush:


(tim parsons) #17

Great stuff @BrandonCorlett i have now listened to the explanation and of course you are responsible for the original question ?? Thanks


(Brandon Scott Corlett) #18

Lol, all my life I’ve been hearing some variation of “of course you are responsible for…”

I’ve been lucky that most of the time the range of chaos I create brings about amusement, fosters team spirit, and the achievement of larger goals.

I think it helps that I almost always have a logical explanation to support what is perceived to be random or chaotic.

(tim parsons) #19

My variation on that same theme, what i always hear, “it was all my fault” LOL


(Salim) #20

Hi all, I cannot seem to make the page safe stack works on my home page. It is placed on the top of my home page but it doesn’t show on the page after publishing. What could be the reason.

Thanks for your patience.