Handling Retina Images in the Flood Theme?

(Todd Wells) #1

A new RapidWeaver 7 user, I’m working on a blog site with the Flood theme from ThemeFlood (version 5.1). The Knowledgebase article for this theme recommends storing all one’s @2x retina images in the same folder as the normal image.

However, if one is not warehousing their images in a folder on the server — but rather just embedding normal images (not a banner image) in a Styled Text or Blog page — where do the @2x images get stored? Are they placed in a Resources Folder, and the Flood theme just calls on them there when needed? Or stored somewhere else?

I appreciate any help with this newby question! Thanks.

(Doug Bennett) #2

Are you using stacks?
If so stacks will automatically take care of this for you:

(Todd Wells) #3

No, not using Stacks, just the standard RapidWeaver Styled Text and Blog pages.

However, the Flood Theme documentation says it will automatically insert the appropriate @2x retina image, if it’s available. My question is where to store the @2x images, if the normal @1x image is simply embedded in a Styled Text or Blog page (and not warehoused in a server folder). Do the @2x images go in a Resource folder — or elsewhere?

Any thoughts? Thank you.

(Doug Bennett) #4

I’m assuming then you are just dragging and dropping your images onto these pages? If so I don’t know of a way to do what you are asking.
Rapidweaver stores the images dragged in internally and then generates the files at publishing time.
You could use the internal resource folder with links or macros to the images, or warehouse (upload and manage the images manually ) unless @willwood knows another way.

(Jason Bostick) #5

If you’re not warehousing them on your own then, yeah, I’d suspect you’d create two versions, name them according to Flood’s instructions, and drag them both into the Resources area. That should keep them in the same folder. I honestly haven’t used anything besides Stacks for as long as I can remember so the process after that (dragging from Resources onto the page??) is just speculation.

(Todd Wells) #6

Thank you, Doug and Jason. Yes, I am just dragging and dropping the @1x images into the pages — but would still like to serve up @2x images, if possible, without warehousing all the images (for other reasons).

I will experiment with your suggestions — that is, putting both a @1x and @2x copy in a resources folder, or trying to link back to the @2x images. I have sent Will Woodgate a support request, and will report back in this thread on his reply.

(Todd Wells) #7

Will Woodgate was kind enough to answer my support inquiry very quickly! Here’s his response:

For the standard page types that ship with RW (like Styled Text, Blog and Markdown) I think you would either need to add your images as resources or warehouse the images in a server location. Ordinary RW does not generate retina enhanced copies of the images you drag in. I wish it did, but that is the current status of things right now.

Thank you all for your suggestions. This is a wonderful forum!