Images - Split Theme and In General, How Do I Add Them?


I am fairly new to RapidWeaver, and am trying to figure out how to add images in general and am having a hard time.

I am using the Split theme, and would like to change the images in the circles on the home page just as a starting exercise. I double click on it, it gives me a path, and I change the path to resources/filename.jpg and it doesn’t appear. I tried removing the path, same thing. Tried …/resources, same thing. Even tried /resources for the path. The Edit window never shows the new image, nor am I able to see it at all in most cases in preview, but if I am in preview it will still sometimes show the old image.

I figured ok, I’ll remove those boxes and add an image. Should be easy enough, right? It seems I am mistaken. I have images in Resources, but I can’t drag them over… there doesn’t seem to be a clear way to add them. I found some hack online about opening the inspector, dragging the image over to the sidebar space and then it can be placed, but that seems like it isn’t going to work for multiple images and really, seems to defeat the purpose of Resources.

I’ve been Googling for the past few days, and all I am really able to find are articles and videos about using Stacks, which from what I can tell is a chargeable plugin. It seems to be self defeating that I’d have to spend more money on a product just to be able to successfully place some images.

I could be doing it wrong (I HOPE so)… but I can’t find the resources to correct what I am doing. Would anyone be able to tell me how I should be doing this, or guide me to appropriate resources that talk about how to do so? Adding an image shouldn’t be this hard!

In summary, the 2 questions I have are:

  • How do I change the images in the Split theme, the circle ones

  • What is the proper way to add an image to the page in general

  • Do I really need to purchase Stacks or Blocks right after purchasing RapidWeaver


  1. I didn’t think ‘Split’ theme had ‘circles’ for images? My version doesn’t anyway.

  2. You add images to a styled text page by dragging it in to where you want it in relation to text and other content

  • To align it left or right: Select image > Format > HTML > align image (can also use the < > menu below)

  • Other edits: Show Media Inspector by double clicking the image. This enables scaling, rotating, shadows, borders

  1. No you don’t have to buy Stacks or Blocks. However I personally would definitely buy Stacks - very powerful and good value if you navigate your way through the many many stacks available! Styled text pages are very clean and lightweight however - and surprising powerful when you know what you are doing.

Hello, thanks for your reply!

  1. It seems mine does… please see the image below. You can see the image I am referring to, and the properties when I click on it, as well as the template below.

  1. Thanks for the info… but as I understand it, the default Home page is a styled text page, correct? If I try dragging one of the images I have in the Resources folder (shown in the screenshot, or the ends of the filenames anyway) over, it bounces back and is not placed. To validate, I created a new styled text page and tried the same… still, no image appears.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion… I have thought that Stacks looks good, but until I can get some basic stuff done with it, I am hesitant to spend any more money on Rapid Weaver.

Just to note, I am using version 6, and this was recently loaded on my system (within the last week or so).


In regards to 1> Those images have been created as circles in another graphic program. And then brought into the project. There’s no way in your setup currently to create that circle image. Though, if you purchase stacks, there are several image stacks that will help you create that without using an image editor.


You can use Apples Preview to create a round picture.

… and you can drag and drop your image directly in the Styled Text page (Edit Modus). Not from the resources, from the desktop etc…
That must work!
When you use the resources, you must import the image otherwise, with this code.

<img src="%resource(your_image.jpg)%" height="auto" width="600"alt="your_alttag"</img>

(You can/must change the width value!)

Blocks is a super plugin, but it’s not responsive. Modern websites should be responsive, because many users surfing with tablets and smarphones.

Hello! Thanks for the note about them being circles. The issue I was having, though, is I can’t even change them out. There is a file path there, and no matter what I change them to, I couldn’t get a different image to show up. It could just be I don’t know what the file path SHOULD be…

Seems like Stacks has a lot of power… I will have to look at that more closely.

Oh my… no way… THAT was my problem! I thought it had to be a resource before I could add it, so I would add a resource and then try dragging it over. Other tools I’ve used work that way, so I made the assumption that was the case here… UGH! Now I feel stupid… lol

Thank you for the tip! I knew it had to be easier than what I was making it out to be!

So between the two, Stacks would be the best way to go? I see a lot more about Stacks (really, almost every post I’ve seen). Are there any other ‘should have’ plugins and such I should be looking for?

Definitely get Stacks. It’s a complete no-brainer. There’s probably no other must-have plugins at this point for you. But there may be several “stacklets” that you want to use. Stacks comes with a generic collection of stacklets, but there’s many more out there. One place to get ideas is here: Some are free, some paid.

However, there are many other fine Stack developers that you may want to visit at some point include Joe Workman and several others.