Heading in Right Direction?

I’m upgrading my vacation home website from iWeb. After a great deal of research, RW looks like my best bet.
Features I need:
Multiple blogs with photos to show News, rooms, activities
Great Photo/video management
Calendar to show reserved/open dates that links to google or apple calendar
Very basic store capability with PayPal to pay for reservations and a few items for sale
Mobile friendly
Reasonable SEO performance

After reading a great many posts on this forum, I am planning on getting:
Simple Store ??
Theme - bright and uncluttered ??
Calendar ??
Hosting service that has some experience with Rapidweaver. ChiliDog, Little Oak

I have some HTML experience and a ton of experience with iWeb. Cost is not a huge concern. I am assuming I can get by without Foundations or Foundry.

Any advice that will get me started in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!

Chuck in Pittsburgh

My favourite basic store stack (or set of stacks) is Cart from Yuzool. It’s a PayPal stack and you can find it here

A bright, uncluttered theme? Have a look at

Flood from Themeflood
Paramount from Michael David Design
Stuffy from Weavertheme
Strata from Nick Cates

Calendar? Something like this, perhaps?

These are just a few suggestions. There are 100s of RW themes and addons to choose from. Head on over to the Community pages and take a look for yourself.

Good luck.


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Build with a Responsive theme and Responsive stacks. Most are now… but just keep a heads up. Build a good responsive site from day one. Also, from day one consider php includes, stacks partials, etc. Whatever you can do to make “global” changes easier in the future. But sounds like you might already have considered that…

I used the the following:
Flood theme as suggested above. Fantastic!
Chillidog.com Hosting. Super helpful
Armadillo. An absolute must have. Easy to set up with Chillidog.com
Calendar. Datesnap. Very good