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I hope you and your family are having a wonderful holiday season! Im looking forward to having an amazing website in 2018, thanks to Weaving.

Here is my conundrum. It appears that Rapid Weaver 7 has a pretty amazing blog stock site that looks pretty cool, but when creating my blog I went another direction and got “Poster Stack”. I know my blog is pretty flimsy, but I have a huge amount of edited content, I wish to blog. (900,000 words that got cut from my book). Before really diving too deeply into this, I wanted to look for some options, and it seems to be endless with stacks. Im looking for some recommendations on how you do your blogs. I picked up another SEO book on blogging today, and for me 2018 will be the year of the blog for my industry. I just want to do it right from the start, before I get tons of content and then need to start over.
As you can see, my blog doesn’t look or really feel like a blog. I want to break the content up better and ad photographs and illustrations into the work. Also, I cant seem to get the word sizing to change so its murder on a desktop to read the content without the Command Plus function.

Can you post some of your blogs here and maybe give a noob like me some explanation as to which stacks you are using?


That’s going to be a huge Blog. As you know there are lots of options. A couple of things I noticed on your existing Blog page. You seem to be using “Styled Text” for the majority of the text. This is probably why you’re having issues with the word sizing. Might want to consider using one of the many paragraph stacks available. The HTML generated has a lot of “Element Styling” being applied and almost no paragraph breaks. The only <p> (paragraphs) are when you change alignment from center to left:

The Styled Text is creating tons of <span>'s to apply styling, including your font size.
<span style="font:14px Cochin-Italic; ">
This will make it very hard to adjust, and impossible to change for different screen sizes.

You also have an issue with the hamburger menu, if selected it appears under the fixed menu and cannot be shut down without scrolling:

As for blogging options, with something that’s going to be that large you may want to take a look at PulseCMS or Armadillo.


Thanks, teeters.

I have been trying some different non foundation styles this morning and you landed on it when I was testing around. Either way, none of the templates seem to work, so Im going to need to run foundation. Armadillo looks promising. I just purchased it, lets see if I cant make something more user friendly.

Holy waste of time batman. Im sure Armadillo is amazing, somehow, someway, but what a huge waste of resources, time, and energy for what? For exactly what I had with Poster stack? I feel dumber for even attempting it.

I think the problem you’ll have with poster is the volume of post. Jannis can correct me if I’m wrong, but in the past he has said something like a 1000 or 2000 post it can handle. Poster has no database behind it, so with a huge amount of data it’s performance may not work well for you.


Im just frustrated. Its beyond my pay grade, but Ill figure it out. I cant seem to get my login to the server right and Ive exhausted my understanding server side. I have opened a ticket to try and get some aide from I know I’ll need it in the long run, I just don’t have the knowledge base to implement, now. Ive been taking all of this in like a firehose since thanksgiving. I really wanted to get my “Single Solution Theory” out there this weekend, but Ill focus on understanding how in the heck to get this beast online. FML

Have you looked at Total CMS?! I know it is a CMS solution, but it does include a really nice blog. You can try it for 30 days too.

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It doesn’t meet a core need that I have to be on multiple URL’s.

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It’s hard to help as I honestly don’t know what you’re trying to achieve. You seem to be jumping around so much from one product to the next.

… let’s keep this simple for the moment. What was the real world problem you ran into using Poster? It’s a very flexible stack and you already have it. So what’s the roadblock you faced with it?

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You could start by reading the first post.

Yes, I’ve read the first post. Do you just want design options when using something like Poster? I know you have a lot of words (90,000+) but it seems each of your blogs is likely long. So how many blog posts do you likely have? Do all the blog posts need to necessarily be part of the same blog? (e.g. you could have multiple Poster stack blogs on different pages but then have a nice way of folks clicking to see the specific categories they might be interested in).

Are you using a regular theme? Or are you using something like Foundry or Foundation? (Hint: this is a big question as some themes, but most certainly Foundry and Foundation, give you a lot of easy access to font size)

… for example, attached is a screenshot of a new blog format I’ve created for a course I’m teaching. (The site is password protected for student safety, so I can’t just give you a link). I’ve chosen to include a sidebar, font size, two articles across, etc. etc.

As you scroll down new articles “emerge” (using the reveal effect built into Poster). If you click on an article (all fluff right now) you’ll see something like below. The image below does not include a bigger version of the lead photo and the title (not enough room to capture):

It includes a button to “return” to the main blog page. Width of text is about 700 pixels (easier to read things when at that width) and so on.

But there are a lot of other stylistic options available with Poster. There’s also a fair amount you can do with Armadillo as well. It really depends on what specifically you are looking for. Some of the design might need some added snippets of CSS.


What are these URLs? If they are sub-domains, then you can use Total CMS easily.

I am with Rob on this one. I am not sure how TotalCMS does not fit in here. It’s the most powerful blogging solution RW right now.

Poster Stack works great in Foundation (even it looks better in Foundry). Here is a example, and I know there are several dozens others too:

Poster Stack is currently the most powerful offline blogging system for RapidWeaver.

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I dont think that any of the blogging solutions out there require any specific theme. Total CMS, Go, Poster, Armadillo, etc. all work in every theme.

Pulse also :slight_smile:
With @instacks awesome Stacks integration.
The demo shows Foundry, Foundation and a few other themes:

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@ Yuzool Curious as to why you aren’t recommending RW Writer ?


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Absolutely Doug @dadama - But I’m glad you did!

To be fair I just wanted to salute @instacks without blowing my own trumpet :trumpet: His demo shows what @powhitehorn was concerned about (working in themes)

But as you kindly suggested here we go: :white_check_mark:

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