Heads up - New kind of spam knocking around

I just got a calendar event automatically inserted into my default calendar, it was an advert for fake RayBan’s but this is a ruse…
At the bottom of the event are the options to Accept, Maybe or Decline … ALL THREE WILL GENERATE A REPLY TO THE SENDER WITH YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS thus informing them of a legit address to add to a spam list.
Just leave it alone and wait for a fix from Apple


Yep, got it also. Immediately deleted it. Hope that wasn’t wrong… :wink:

As I understand it there is no way to delete it, I assume you declined it which sent the spammer a message along the lines of "rapidbase@domain.com declined your invite"
Keep an eye out for any email or message spam :frowning:

Did a bit of googling and found a way to remove it/them.

From Reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/applehelp/comments/4xmur5/spam_calendar_event_added_apple_account_possibly/
Got my second one today and my wife has gotten at least one. (Oakley sunglasses in our cases.) I came up with a similar workaround but a little more sustainable maybe… (instructions below for iOS 10) Go into your calendar app and tap “Calendars” in the bottom bar. Then tap “Edit” in the top bar. Tap “Add Calendar…” and create a calendar called “Junk”. There’s a convenient brown color, so pick that (but it doesn’t matter much because you’ll never be seeing it). Tap “Done” and “Done” again. Go back to your spam event, select it and move it to the new Junk calendar (or if you already got rid of your spam invitation, just create some temporary event with an alert in the Junk calendar)–the calendar has to have something in it. Close out of the event, then tap “Calendars” again. Tap the “i” (info icon) button next to your junk calendar. Turn off the “Event Alerts” switch (so you won’t get calendar notifications). Click “Done” again. Last, tap on the “Junk” calendar name, which will uncheck it, and now it is hidden from view. Your spam event is now hidden.

I deleted the junk calendar once I moved the event into it


Thanks Paul, will take care the next time…