Captcha code for contact form

Hello all, I am getting a lot of spam through my contact form is there a way to add a captcha to it. either via rapid weaver or something I can purchase?

I’m not saying the spam isn’t coming from your contact form, but your email address is visible to anyone that hovers over the “Contact” link below the form. And scrapers will easily be able to see it and spam you.


Ok thanks how do I remove it :slight_smile: so they cant see it?

In the Settings > General, uncheck the email address part which is just above the web address.

Thinking about spam and possible solutions for a different contact form, do you use the Stacks plugin?

Hello Neil only the one with the theme. What do you reccomend? And thanks I will do that

Hi Justin,

Definitely follow Neil’s advise and remove your email visibility.

I use a plugin Formloom 4 by Yabdab on all my sites now, not cheap at $50USD but very flexible and you can build a huge variety of forms not just contact forms. It has Captcha (which I don’t like) but you can also set a security question to stop scrapping.
Have a look at this contact form I have.

Cheers Scott

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Thanks Scott I will check it out

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