Health Check Insanity

I am receiving error messages in Health Check that are totally incorrect. Health check is alleging that I am missing Browser Titles all throughout my project that clearly exist. The proof of that is Sitemap, as well as the Inspector on any given page.

Attached please find three screenshots:

  1. The initial Health Check with the bogus results

  2. Sitemap Plus, clearly showing each and every Browser Title Health Check says is missing. The only ones I have omitted are the pages in the drop down menu that are not meant to be accessible.

  3. The Inspector on just one page, Arboretum, showing, again, that the Browser Title exists

Moreover, I run SEO RX on every page, which would certainly alert me as to any missing Browser Title.

So what on earth is going on?

Its not that your browser titles are too long, is it?

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I did have some browser titles that were too long, but they got dinged by SEO-RX, and so I shortened them.

Speaking of SEO-RX, if indeed all those browser titles were missing, or couldn’t be read, it would scream its head off. But it’s not.

And one more note about Health Check. If, according to their criteria, the titles are too long, it should say so. It shouldn’t say that they are missing.

I am seeing the same plus it also fails to take account of when information is added via other means, such as Foundation’s SEO Helper stack.