Congrats to Realmac! HealthCheck - Users... Run it now!

I want to encourage all RW7 users to be sure to checkout and run “HealthCheck” (cmd 8 -or- found on the VIEW pulldown) - I have been using other tools (meta mate, etc) to check my meta tags (other than idividually page by page) and such but now I can use HealthCheck. If you don’t know much about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) do yourself a favor and go run HeathCheck right now. It will highlight pages that have no metadata, poor titles, etc. Great Job on this feature Realmac!

Idea for the future… Have OPTION for healthcheck to connect to server to find and report dead pages. Of course, we should be able to have a file/folder exception list for things manually loaded to site, like “includes” and “images” folders etc. so they are not reported.

Thanks for HealthCheck!

Note… I just read another post here that says HealthCheck MAY not be accurate. If you use it please check it’s accuracy. If nothing else perhaps it will cause us all to check our SEO issues and other such often missed, but important, behind the scenes items. :slight_smile:

Health Check is a great new feature in RapidWeaver 7. I’m really excited and happy it has been added. I’m sure if there are any issues, RealMac will address them. If you’re interested in upgrading Health Check, please check out SEO-Rx. I have a test guide detailing how SEO-Rx upgrades Health Check here.


I am the author of that other post. Read “Health Check Insanity”.

The analysis that I am receiving is not only completely wrong, it is completely preposterous.

I have sent an email regarding this issue to Realmac. Hopefully, they will respond.

Well, once I think about it there is nothing like just using your eyeballs. I usually make “new” pages by duplicating others so there will be meta data but it would be wrong. Of course, HealthCheck would have no way of know this. My excitement for HealthCheck is that I think it will introduce many to some of these SEO issues.

I love tools like meta-mate which allows you to see tags like this quickly in a list view. You can compare tags to the filenames to make sure your tags are not merely the result of your page duplication and, in fact, wrong tags.

There needs to be more tools like this.