Browser Title problems with a project

I put a basic website together a couple of years ago and realised its not showing in google rankings.
The Titles have been written in and the usual bits and pieces done. However when i do a RW health check it shows problems with the titles. This is probably why its not getting a position in google.
And one know why this may be happening?

When you say ‘Titles have been written in’, do you mean that you have H1 headers and all of that? Those warnings refer to the Title in the page inspector. Make sure those are filled out, publish everything, and then get google to recrawl your site (via Google Web Search console).
I suppose you should also double check that you have ‘index this page’ checked in your page inspector settings too

hi thx for your reply.
I did mean the Browser Titles but having run the site through a seo checker it says the titles are there . So I’m rewriting them now anyway and will just presume the RW health check is incorrect somewhere.
Yes the index this page are checked

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