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Hi Guys,

Firstly Happy New Year!

I decided to rebuild my website using the ‘blank 5.1’ theme.

I’m self-taught so have had many long & frustrating hours working things out. I’ve got the home page looking how I want, BUT when i preview page in firefox/chrome etc. it’s not using the full width of the browser, rather the content is centered. My existing live website I used the ‘future’ theme & it scales fully to the browser width,

Please help as I’m close to throwing my Mac through the nearest window!


It’s hard to fully help with the info given. It would be useful to:

  • know who makes Blank 5.1?
  • have a link to your website using Blank

I’m also not sure why you’ve chosen the blank theme. Probably for very good reasons, but you might want to also consider a free framework: Source. You won’t face this same problem, and there’s lots of support/tutorials for it. More here:

There’s still a learning curve, but depending on your needs & purposes for rebuilding your site it may be a better option. Hard to know right now.

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Hi Mathew,

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I’ll take a look at Source, it seems a lot more user friendly & simpler for a novice such as myself. I really appreciate your advice, I’ll give it a go & let you know how I get on.


There is a “pro” version that costs $25. And you’d probably want that at some point (6 days, 6 months, 6 years, I don’t know). But the free Source will be really helpful for getting started and you can make some very nice things with it. It has a minimum of stacks: the idea being that you take advantage of other stacks you may already have.

Questions? Ask @habitualshaker and he’ll sort you out.

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