RW 7.7.5 Blank Templete, etc

(G. Hart) #1

Using the trial on a MacBook Pro, OS 10.13.5

Where can I find a blank template? Themes do not work. Previews have little
resemblance to the home page.

HTML headings don’t work, using zoom for font size.

Checked to see if there’s chat or a toll free #. Couldn’t find either.
I’m in Canada. EM support is very slow, 2-4 days for a reply.
Is this typical, or because I’m using a trial version?



(Brian LaPan) #2

You can find a few different blank themes via the community:

Typically we respond within 24 hours and there’s no difference that you’re using the trial version. I’ve since responded to you there.

(G. Hart) #3

Thank you, LaPan.

Great to get a reply from a very knowledgeable person.
Your list is very & much of it means nothing to me. Most stuff is beyond my skills, e.g., I’ll search for what a “stack” is.
I’ll check the first 5 or 6 options you listed.

I need to upload html for a site that has: page to page hyperlinks, a scrolling vertical layout. No banner, no logo, no dancing animals, cartoon characters, or video or audio. It’s a KIS design, all text. The one & only .jpg has to be moveable. It’s 2"x2", below the site title. The site, at this point, is 5 pages.

The host is Greengeeks. They power everything with solar. Based in California, offices in Toronto [we call it “T.O.” here]. Their webmail handles submissions to what, hopefully, will be a site to promote Canadian short story writers. Everything’s encrypted. Excellent 24/7 support, 1-2 minute wait time, with a toll free number. $10us/month.


(G. Hart) #4

Hello LaPan

Downloaded the Void zip file, unpacked it. Void was installed, but It’s not in RapidWeaver’s list of add-ons. Reinstalled ir, same problem.
What do I do now.?

There’s another plugin, but it costs. No point in buying something if RapidWeaver can’t use it.
I emailed the Void developer.

Some day, there may be a web site . . . big sigh.


(r) #5

Themeflood and joe workman have free blank themes you can download and test out

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #6

I cannot follow you, and also didn’t get an email from you.

You have to restart RW to see Void theme in theme drawer.

(G. Hart) #7

Thanks, Jannis.

I tried that 3 times.
Other ideas?

RW works with Firefox. The only other problem I can think of is OS 10.13.5
It’s a poor OS.


(Jannis from inStacks Software) #8

Drag and drop the theme file to the RW app icon.

(G. Hart) #9

Thanks, rollsize. Do you have URLs for them, or are they in the RW community?

Searching for joe workman would get about 10,000 results :smile:


(Rob Beattie) #10

Joe and Will are very active Rapidweaver developers.

Joe Workman is here
Will is here.

(G. Hart) #11

Thank, Brian.

Have that blank, and 2 other possibles.

Using EM. The forums, 3 of 4 times, don’t remember my EM address.


(G. Hart) #12

Thanks, Rob.

Got one of the 2, and another from LaPan.


(system) #13

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