RW 7.7.5 Blank Templete, etc

Using the trial on a MacBook Pro, OS 10.13.5

Where can I find a blank template? Themes do not work. Previews have little
resemblance to the home page.

HTML headings don’t work, using zoom for font size.

Checked to see if there’s chat or a toll free #. Couldn’t find either.
I’m in Canada. EM support is very slow, 2-4 days for a reply.
Is this typical, or because I’m using a trial version?



You can find a few different blank themes via the community:

Typically we respond within 24 hours and there’s no difference that you’re using the trial version. I’ve since responded to you there.

Thank you, LaPan.

Great to get a reply from a very knowledgeable person.
Your list is very & much of it means nothing to me. Most stuff is beyond my skills, e.g., I’ll search for what a “stack” is.
I’ll check the first 5 or 6 options you listed.

I need to upload html for a site that has: page to page hyperlinks, a scrolling vertical layout. No banner, no logo, no dancing animals, cartoon characters, or video or audio. It’s a KIS design, all text. The one & only .jpg has to be moveable. It’s 2"x2", below the site title. The site, at this point, is 5 pages.

The host is Greengeeks. They power everything with solar. Based in California, offices in Toronto [we call it “T.O.” here]. Their webmail handles submissions to what, hopefully, will be a site to promote Canadian short story writers. Everything’s encrypted. Excellent 24/7 support, 1-2 minute wait time, with a toll free number. $10us/month.


Hello LaPan

Downloaded the Void zip file, unpacked it. Void was installed, but It’s not in RapidWeaver’s list of add-ons. Reinstalled ir, same problem.
What do I do now.?

There’s another plugin, but it costs. No point in buying something if RapidWeaver can’t use it.
I emailed the Void developer.

Some day, there may be a web site . . . big sigh.


Themeflood and joe workman have free blank themes you can download and test out

I cannot follow you, and also didn’t get an email from you.

You have to restart RW to see Void theme in theme drawer.

Thanks, Jannis.

I tried that 3 times.
Other ideas?

RW works with Firefox. The only other problem I can think of is OS 10.13.5
It’s a poor OS.


Drag and drop the theme file to the RW app icon.

Thanks, rollsize. Do you have URLs for them, or are they in the RW community?

Searching for joe workman would get about 10,000 results :smile:


Joe and Will are very active Rapidweaver developers.

Joe Workman is here
Will is here.

Thank, Brian.

Have that blank, and 2 other possibles.

Using EM. The forums, 3 of 4 times, don’t remember my EM address.


Thanks, Rob.

Got one of the 2, and another from LaPan.


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