HELP! Emptied cache?

(Josh Brown) #1

So I used a Mac cleaner and removed some cache files. I went to edit a site today and my images are gone the way of missing image path icons. I looked at 2 sites. Good news is I backed up last Thursday. Is there a way to re upload the cache from my Time Machine file or will I need to bring in each project?

(Doug Bennett) #2

What kind of cache files did the cleaner remove? You said you went to edit a site today I’m assuming you mean you opened an RW project?

My experience most of these cleaner products do much more harm than good.

If you know what file(s) have been deleted from were then check TimeMachine and see if the file is on your backup. Otherwise, resore the entire project and see if that brings it back.

(Greg Schneck) #3

Cached files are not the original files. They are loaded into a memory “cache” so they don’t have to be reloaded again. This speeds things. So Mac cleaner (or whatever) or anything deleting cache files should not affect RW or your website. What you explain really doesn’t make sense…

(Josh Brown) #4

I figured it wasn’t the cache but that was the last things that happened. After restoring one of the old projects all of my projects seem to be back in order. Scary and weird, thanks for your willingness to help.