Help for prospective user please?

(Richard Smith) #1

I’ve been considering how to upgrade my website which was created in iWeb and hosted by Godaddy. I have tried RW demos and watched tutorials on YT and think that I need to get RW + Stacks + Foundry to create my own design. Am I on the right track? Will RW upload to Godaddy without problems?

(Mark Sealey) #2


There’s no practical way to ‘translate’ a site in iWeb to RapidWeaver. Getting Stacks is a good idea, Yes. Foundry may be a little too advanced unless you’re a coder. Some users have found certain incompatibilities with GoDaddy. Good luck!

(Mathew Mitchell) #3

If you want “your own design” then you definitely need RW + Stacks. To get a personalized look then you’ll want a theme that is closer to a blank page to begin with. Most themes, by default, are more cookie-cutter. There are a few “blank page” themes: Foundry, Foundation, and a couple of others. If you are going in the direction of “your own theme” then probably Foundry is easier for a novice, but both Foundry and Foundation are very good.

As @MarkSealey mentioned above, it’s possible either Foundry or Foundation is too advanced for a novice. You’d have to tell us a bit more about your background and how much “elbow grease” you’re willing to apply to a new design.

(Mark Sealey) #4

And maybe a link to your existing site. Thanks!

(Richard Smith) #5

Hi Mark and Matthew, I’ve had the iWeb site running with godaddy since 2008 without any problems. It is formatted on a blank page with text and photos but no shopfront so I think I might be okay with godaddy so long as there are no technical issues with RW and godaddy set up. I appreciate that iWeb can’t be replicated in RW but that’s why I’m keen to improve it with RW and do something a bit more up to date. I don’t have any coding experience and am probably too old to learn now but I did manage to get the Voyager demo to justify the text which required me to enter the word “justify” in the appropriate place. Maybe I should go through the tutorials again before I buy? Oh, and I enjoy the designing part very much which is why I’m attracted to Stacks and Foundry rather than a template.

(Mathew Mitchell) #6

Thanks for the added info. Stacks is a must: complete no-brainer.

Given everything you wrote then I would suggest going ahead with Foundry. Adam (the developer) has a great set of tutorials and video tutorials to help folks out.

(Richard Smith) #7

Thanks Matthew, very kind of you to help me out. I’ll have to send you a link to the new improved website when it’s up and running.

(Mathew Mitchell) #8

Best wishes for the development of your new website!

(Cris Baker) #9 is run by Greg, he has lots of experience with RapidWeaver and is both very knowledgeable and helpful. Hosting is both inexpensive and gives very fast response. When I moved there from my previous host, I found web-site loading had improved ten-fold.

Good luck with your new site, warm regards,

ps. Please post a link to your CURRENT website - it’ll help us understand both your requirements and your expertise…

(Greg Schneck) #10

One more suggestion… You might consider Blank theme from ThemeFlood, it’s free. It basically gives you a “blank” page (you can turn navigation off and use other Navigation stacks if you want.) Yet, you’ll be able to set basics such as default fonts, etc. Then create your pages with Stacks3 and stacks. Be sure to learn the details of Partials (in Stacks) and use them (for headers, footers, sidebars, etc)

(Richard Smith) #11

Thanks Cris, I’ll check it out.

(Richard Smith) #12

I’ll check this out too Greg. You guys are great value.

(Greg Schneck) #13

by the way… I’m not the Greg of Chilidog (referred to in post just before mine)… that is Greg Barchard (@barchard) and he provides great web hosting service.

(Richard Smith) #14

Hi Greg, I just found Minalicious on the ThemeFlood pages. This could well work for me if it is intuitive/drag and drop with no need for coding. I like the minimalist styling and with my tidy mind like to see blocks of text justified! As it is a template I guess I’d only need RW and the Minalicious download? Or is it good still to have stacks? I’ll investigate later this afternoon.

(Greg Schneck) #15

My opinion is that Stacks3 and stacks add-ons is a must have. I think most people here would agree. I couldn’t imagine doing a website without Stacks myself. Also, be sure to understand “plug-ins” and “Stacks”. A “plug-in” is a specific page type that largely does one “special” thing (an accordion for example or a contact form.) With Stacks you have any number of “special things” on a page. And you can make a stack a “Partial” which means you can have a “globle” stack across pages (like a footer) and if you change one they all change. Thus, you make one change to change it everywhere across the whole website.

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