Help! How do I add a link in the footer?

(Charles Mitri) #1

I need to add a “Privacy Policy” link in my footer. I’ve already created the page but how do I create a link in the footer so that when someone clicks on “Privacy Policy” it will take them to the full text policy page?


(scott williams) #2

You can put an HTML link in the footer field in the site setup.

(Charles Mitri) #3

Yes, thanks, but how do you create the link in the footer. There’s no “Add Link” option when I right click on the highlighted “Privacy Policy” like in the normal edit mode in Stacks.

I’ll try and explain better. I want to add the term “Privacy Policy” in my footer and create a clickable link with it.

I don’t write code.

(David) #4

(Charles Mitri) #5

Okay great, I’ll give it a shot.

(David) #6

Answers to many questions can easily be found in a search of this Forum.

(Charles Mitri) #7

Got it working! Thanks!

(system) #8

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