Can't figure out link address using iframe or PDF Embed stack

I have html code in my footer to link to a page “PrivacyPolicy”. I’m using JW’s PDF Embed and cannot figure out the correct link address. The site i published at “”.

Please help if you can.


You are trying to link to a pdf file?
where did you put the pdf and what is the file name

It’s in resources and is named privacypolicy.pdf


do you have an ftp program like yummy ftp or transmit? can you see that the privacypolicy.pdf actually sits in /resources ?

FYI, letter case/ spelling counts

Just curious, why would you make your privacy policy a pdf file? do you want them to download it?

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Have you published your page?? If so, the pdf resource should now have a link. Click on the resource on the left side and then click on the Copy URL. Use that URL.

You will notice in my example it says the resource has not been published yet.

Actually found the URL to your PDF, it is here